Apple iPhone 14 models might come without a physical SIM card slot

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Apple iPhone 14 models might come without a physical SIM card slot. A few days ago, we learned it was reported that Apple iPhone 15 Pro series models, expected to be launched in 2023, might not include an actual nano-SIM card slot and will only work with two eSIM cards.

The latest report suggests that switching from a physical SIM to eSIM may happen later than previously thought. According to reports, those iPhone 14 series models getting released in 2022 may not have nano-SIMs that are physically present. According to an article from MacRumors,

Apple has advised significant networks across the United States to prepare for the release of smartphones that use eSIM only before September 2022. They also have access to an official document that outlines the timeline for this plan. However, the document doesn’t refer to Apple and the iPhone.

Apple iPhone 14 models might come without a physical SIM card slot

The company is transitioning the model in which certain U.S. carriers will start selling select iPhone 13 models without a nano-SIM card inside the retail box starting in Q2 2022. Apple is already selling iPhone 13 models without a nano-SIM included in the box when sold via Apple Store or

We’re expecting the Cupertino-based giant to continue to make iPhone models that have physical SIM slots for regions that eSIM capabilities aren’t readily available. Before this, there were rumors of Apple’s plans to eliminate its Lightning port from phones.

If Apple eliminates the physical SIM card slot, it will go further in the direction of a unidirectional design and also improve the water-resistance. Apple has a history of making some bold choices, and there’s a chance that this report could prove accurate. We’re hoping to receive more information on this over the next few weeks or even months.

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