Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra recently torn down by JerryRigEveything [Updated]

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra recently torn down by JerryRigEveything

We’ve seen a few of other teardowns on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but this one gives us a glimpse of what the other two don’t. JerryRigEverything has uploaded an unintentional teardown on the damaged bent and burned Galaxy flagship, and in the latest video, he dismantles the device apart to demonstrate how Samsung creates their S Pen compartment waterproof. 

After separating the back part of the panel and frame cutting through the adhesive and securing it to the frame, he reveals the panel’s glass as well as the camera cutouts are permanently joined. In the event that one or more of these camera’s glass lenses broke the back panel would need replacing the entire back panel in order to repair. 

After taking off the wired charging unit as well as the plate covers off the lower and upper boards, he displays a small portion parts of the speakers assembly, as well as the gasket for USB-C ports, which helps with water-resistance. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra recently torn down by JerryRigEveything

After demonstrating the quad-camera assembly, and showing the components underneath the mainboard explains that Samsung has used a lot of adhesive to hold the battery in position. It is necessary to drop isopropyl alcohol in the battery compartment to remove the battery. Other OEMs do not employ this kind of glue, and Apple uses pull-tabs to help make the process of replacing batteries simpler. 

There’s also The S Pen silo, which is more of the channel. It’s covered by a plastic sheet that is glued shut to keep water from the phone’s internals, while allowing it to pass through the silo. On the top of the channel, there’s an electrical coil that powers the capacitor of the S Pen. 

After disassembling, the phone isn’t responding immediately It’s later discovered the cable for display had been somewhat cut by a blade when cutting the glue off of that of the rear panel. Even the most experienced users can cause damage to the device while disassembling it.

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