Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Kids Edition launches recently in Russia

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Kids Edition launches recently in Russia

Recently, the Samsung company has launched its Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Kids Edition in Russia. Interestingly, Samsung builds this tab for the kid, for their entertainment and educational purpose. Surprisingly, Samsung named this tab as ‘Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Kids Edition’.

There is a lot of interesting, educational content and features already stored in this tab, kids will definitely enjoy this tab by using this. Our youth are under threat today, so we should help today’s children to choose the right path. Many thanks to Samsung for thinking and working on this.

The tab has added some features that are for parents only. Parents can restrict many things for their children if they want to. Parents will be able to keep an eye on their children’s movements as well as prevent them from spending extra time on the tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Kids Edition launches recently in Russia

However, Samsung has made the user interface of this tab very easy-to-use and attractive for kids so that kids can use the tab for fun. Samsung has used a special digital assistant for the kids to make their experience better.

Let me explain the special digital assistant of this Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Kids Edition, there is a teddy bear named Marusia on this tab. If kids ever want to hear stories, play games, kids can easily listen to stories and play games by asking Marusia.

The Galaxy Tab A7 Kids Edition will launch an Helio P22T chipset and expect to release with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage. In addition to it will have an external microSD slot. You will pleased to hear that the battery of this tab A7 Kids Edition has a 5,100 mAh big powerful battery.

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