Xiaomi Mix 5 and Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro will be added as a new Surge C2 ISP

Xiaomi Mix 5 and Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro will be added as a new Surge C2 ISP

Xiaomi unveiled its proprietary Surge C1 ISP technology with the Mi Mix Fold last year, and the next Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro is expected to employ the second generation Surge processor, according to a leaked source code.

It’s yet unclear what type of unique features the Surge C2 will offer, and it’s possible that the phone may ship with the current Surge C1 ISP. What’s certain is that the basic Mix 5 will not be receiving the C2.

The Xiaomiui post also goes into great depth on the camera sensors on the two Mix 5 devices. The Pro is expected to have a 50MP main camera with OIS, as well as a 48MP 5x telephoto and 48MP ultrawide camera. The non-Pro will have to make do with a little less wide 48MP ultrawide camera and a 2x telephoto unit, both of which are still 48MP. The Pro variant is also believed to have a 48MP front camera, which is intriguing.

The Mix 5 series is slated to appear in Q2 of this year, but don’t get your hopes up because it will almost certainly be a China-only release.

For a long time, rumors have circulated on the internet that Xiaomi is working feverishly on the Xiaomi Mix 5, which will be released this spring alongside the Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro. There are also rumors that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will be discontinued in favor of the new experimental Mix series. We’ll find out whether this is true or not in February or March of next year because some believe the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will still be introduced, but closer to the end of the previous winter month.

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